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About Us

More About The Elastomers

Who Are We

The Elastomers are a highly specialised rubber compounder with over 20 years of experience and are 100% Australian owned, supplying rubber to numerous industries throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, including mining.

With a modern and well-equipped laboratory with highly experienced technicians, we can provide required technical support, lab mixed sample batches, testing and development of complex formulations to meet your requirements.

We have equipped our factory with state of the art mixing equipment in order to ensure our rubber compounds and products are of the highest quality, competitive in price, and available within a short lead time, together with excellent customer support.

We are now manufacturing moulded rubber products for various applications.


Our Commitment

With our manufacturing expertise, we ensure all our products are of the of highest quality, manufactured at competitive cost with a short lead time.

Our commitment includes provision of excellent customer service and communication.



Always continuously improve to achieve the highest standards as a company


Maintain high standards of safety for our employees


Ensure our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our products and services

What's Important to Us

It’s important as one of Australia’s largest Rubber Compound suppliers that we take advantage of the latest technology in our factory and laboratory to manufacture the highest quality rubber compounds for you.

The Elastomers are focused on providing you the right solution for your rubber compound needs with the flexibility you need.


Customer Satisfaction100%
Develop & Improve our Rubber Compounds100%
Produce Highest Quality Rubber Compound100%
Maintain High Standards of Integrity & safety100%

The Elastomers Stats

With Over 20 Years of Formulating & Manufacturing Rubber Compounds, We Have a Few Statistics For You.

Rubber Formulas
Rubber Compounds
Projects Completed
Happy Customers


Independently Audited

Our company is audited by independent and professional auditors

Certified ISO 9001 Standard

Our quality management system for compounding rubber is certified to the ISO 9001 Standard